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We have 5 years of industry experience, familiar with all processes and links.

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We have experienced partners to help your business grow faster, you only need to focus on marketing.

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We can provide reliable logistics services to ensure your transportation timeliness.

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Questions within the scope of business, we can always solve you quickly.

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About Our Company

Due to our good reputation, we have been recognized by many customers,We gradually shifted our business focus from to C (customer) to to B (bussiness), and through industries near Guangzhou (cosmetics, auto parts, lighting, 3C) Products, home appliances, clothing, luggage), we quickly absorbed similar customers at the beginning of the business, so we have a larger warehouse and team.


Delivery Quality Inspection

We check the products before they are sold and delivered, and we always ensure the quality is 100% assured.

Quick Product Purchase

We will quickly process your product purchases, and you do not have to pay processing fees.

Safe Storage

Your product has an exclusive storage location, everything is in order and does not occupy any storage fees.

Fast Delivery

We are committed to delivering products within 36h hours, and more often we can deliver products on the same day. The success of your business is our ultimate goal.

VEEDDY Global Warehouse

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5 Main Reasons To Choose Us

High-quality products are the prerequisite, we have strict inspection standards for the products to ensure that the products are in good condition when they are sent out.
When receiving a customer’s order, delivering the order quickly is the key to improving customer satisfaction. If the delivery is delayed, your customer will not buy again.
Reliability When the product is shipped, we must ensure that the customer can receive the product, so we will monitor the logistics of the package throughout the process and give feedback in time until the product is delivered.
If the customer is dissatisfied with the product or encounters problems in the use process, we must provide a professional response to solve the customer’s question and achieve great after-sales service.
We are very concerned about the customer’s feelings, so when the customer orders have special requirements (For example, write greeting cards, provide special packaging, provide gifts), we will meet customer requirements.

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What is the product Print-on-Demand?

Print-on-Demand 缩写为 POD。直译的意思是“按需印刷”。它是为满足客户的个性化需求而诞生的商业模式。 The differences between product customization and POD The key point is that there are two fundamental differences between product customization and POD: 1. The target groups are different: Product customization is more oriented to the store, that is, store owners; in dropshipping, while POD faces customers, that is, customers. Product customization is customized…

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The most suitable shipping method for dropshipping in popular European countries

I believe that every friend in the process of drop shipping will communicate with customers from different countries, and those dropshipping operators from China will face more customers from European countries, such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and so on. Have you ever thought about this question: What is the most suitable mode of…

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