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In 2014, in Guangzhou, an e-commerce company, Veeddy, was born. Our journey began with a simple vision: leveraging China’s abundant manufacturing resources to provide exceptional dropshipping services to global e-commerce entrepreneurs. Initially, we were a reliable agent for Shopify founders in China, but soon, our vision expanded.


As our business developed, our role continuously evolved. Veeddy grew from a small team serving consumers to a comprehensive e-commerce solution provider focused on business clients. Our business scope expanded from cosmetics to 3C products, from home appliances to clothing, continuously broadening our customer base and product line.


However, challenges arose alongside our growth. We realized that merely offering standardized products was insufficient to meet market needs. Hence, we started collaborating closely with major domestic manufacturers to find unique products that stand out in the market. Our goal is to help our clients break through sales barriers by offering high-quality, competitive products.


At Veeddy, we believe that our success is tied to our clients’ success. Our mission is to provide efficient procurement processes and reliable logistics services, ensuring timely and safe delivery of every order to the end consumers. We are not just supply chain managers; we are partners in brand growth, navigating the waves of e-commerce together.


Today, Veeddy is more than just a company; it is a bridge linking China’s manufacturing industry with the global e-commerce market. Our story continues, and every day, we strive to improve ourselves, helping our clients realize their dreams in an increasingly competitive market.


Creative Service-5 years
Logistics solution-7 years
Quality control-7 years
Product Discovery-5 years


Our slogan is Elevate and Excel with Veeddy – Your Vision, Our Mission.

Why is it? I hope that my customers and my Bussiness will become longer, but I know that this can’t just rely on the existing dropshipping service,Therefore, we have established an independent website team that will focus on exploring the latest market trends in e-commerce in the future, so that we can better understand your needs and better grasp the trends of e-commerce.

This is why we can be your reliable partner.

We hope that with our help, all of our cooperative customers can make your business grow stronger day by day.

sheldon loong

Veeddy dropshipping Founder/ CEO
Veeddy dropshipping-sheldon



Connecting Chinese manufacturing with the global market, Veeddy is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional growth and brand transformation, shaping the future of e-commerce.

In the global e-commerce arena, we strive to be a leading force in driving sales growth and brand evolution for entrepreneurs. By deeply integrating China’s high-quality manufacturing resources, we aim to continuously enhance product quality and market adaptability, helping our partners stand out in a highly competitive market.


Committed to providing global e-commerce entrepreneurs with premium products and comprehensive services, Veeddy ensures customer and consumer satisfaction, making us the ideal partner for brand growth.

We specialize in offering complete dropshipping solutions for the European and American e-commerce markets. Our mission is to meet unique customer needs with a selection of quality products, efficient procurement processes, and reliable logistics services, while ensuring the highest satisfaction of end consumers. We are not only experts in supply chain management but also partners in brand growth and market success.

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Delivery quality inspection

We check the products before they are sold and delivered, and we always ensure the quality is 100% assured.

Quick product purchase

We will quickly process your product purchases, and you do not have to pay processing fees.

Safe storage

Your product has an exclusive storage location, everything is in order and does not occupy any storage fees.

Fully automatic integrated management

Our system automatically obtains and processes orders, and the customer system can easily manage your after-sales, logistics issues, and bills, you will save a lot of time and make everything cleare.

Fast delivery

We are committed to delivering products within 36h hours, and more often we can deliver products on the same day. The success of your business is our ultimate goal.


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