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In 2014, we established our company in GuangZhou and started the e-commerce business. In the process, we met many founders of Shopify, and we cooperated to become their agents in China.

Due to our good reputation, we have been recognized by many customers,We gradually shifted our business focus from to C (customer) to to B (bussiness), and through industries near Guangzhou (cosmetics, auto parts, lighting, 3C) Products, home appliances, clothing, luggage), we quickly absorbed similar customers at the beginning of the business, so we have a larger warehouse and team

Later, in order to expand the product category, we established cooperative relations with manufacturers across the country.

We realize that delivery time, product quality and after-sales service play a very important role in the sustainable development of the sales website. These three indicators have become our current core

Our team has strict procedures for each link to ensure customer satisfaction.


Creative Service-3 years
Logistics solution-5 years
Quality control-5 years
Product Discovery-3 years


Our slogan is Can do more than Dropshipping

Why is it? I hope that my customers and my Bussiness will become longer, but I know that this can’t just rely on the existing dropshipping service,Therefore, we have established an independent website team that will focus on exploring the latest market trends in e-commerce in the future, so that we can better understand your needs and better grasp the trends of e-commerce.

This is why we can be your reliable partner.

We hope that with our help, all of our cooperative customers can make your business grow stronger day by day.

sheldon loong

Veeddy dropshipping Founder/ CEO
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Delivery quality inspection

We check the products before they are sold and delivered, and we always ensure the quality is 100% assured.

Quick product purchase

We will quickly process your product purchases, and you do not have to pay processing fees.

Safe storage

Your product has an exclusive storage location, everything is in order and does not occupy any storage fees.

Fully automatic integrated management

Our system automatically obtains and processes orders, and the customer system can easily manage your after-sales, logistics issues, and bills, you will save a lot of time and make everything cleare.

Fast delivery

We are committed to delivering products within 36h hours, and more often we can deliver products on the same day. The success of your business is our ultimate goal.


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