The founder of the company, responsible for the company’s daily operation team building, goal setting.Deep insights into Dropshipping and Shopify business, 7 years of experience in e-commerce.



Responsible for the company’s daily operations and formulation and implementation of business promotion, and is responsible for the management of the business department, docking with customers.


Customer Service Manager

Responsible for processing and arranging customer order fulfillment, after-sales problem solving and all customer questions about orders and products, with 5 years of experience, and 100% customer satisfaction.


Logistics Manager

Responsible for order transportation, coordinate and communicate with freight companies, customs and other departments to ensure timely delivery of products, control freight costs, and formulate logistics solutions.


Sourcing Manager

Responsible for rationally arranging the purchase quantity of products, and has strict requirements on product quality,
Establish a good relationship with high-quality suppliers to provide customers with better products.


Product Manager

Responsible for researching hot-selling products in the industry, judging product trends, and selecting products with market potential; Analyzing product sales data to optimize product selection plans, with 5 years of industry experience, successfully selecting 50pcs+ hot-selling products to bring customers $5,600,000 sales performance.