Print-on-Demand (POD), is a business model created to meet the individual needs of customers. Under this model, products are made and printed only after an order is received, rather than mass-produced and stocked in advance.

The POD model allows customers to personalise and flexibly produce according to their needs. Sellers typically make and sell products based on customer demand, and even only need to select and shelve the products supported by the customisation, identify suppliers as well as promote the shop.

When an order is generated in the shop, our system will immediately send the order to the supplier, who will make the order according to the customisation requirements and send it to the customer’s address. Sellers don’t need to solve the problem of keeping and stocking the products. This means you don’t have to worry about the cost.

What are the steps of POD?


Step 1

Publishing on the platform to support customisation.

Step 2

Customers place orders through the platform.

Step 3

Upload images or text that they want to customise.

Step 4

Contact the supplier to make the product.

Step 5

Supplier produces and ships to customer’s address.

What do we offer?


1000+ Product Options

1000+ quality products for you to choose from, including apparel, jewel accessories, mobile phone cases.

200+ suppliers

Veeddy dropshipping has 7 years of e-commerce experience, working with over 3500 factories, including 200+ customised suppliers.

Systematic order processing

When your shop generates orders, the system will automatically import orders we will also be the first time for you to deal with the order!

6 channels of transport

We have 6 shipping channels: Air Freight, Sea Freight, Railway Freight, Small-Sized Parcel, International Express, and Amazon FBA.