Veeddy’s After-Sales Service Rules


1. If the customer requests a refund or resends the order, the following division of responsibility belongs to Veeddy’s part and the costs incurred will be borne by Veeddy

a. Damage to the goods (broken due to quality issues after receiving the goods).
b.Merchandise style, quantity, and order quantity do not match.
c.The goods have stains
d.Wrong choice of logistics and transportation. .
e. Loss of goods in transit.

2. For orders requested by the customer to be refunded or reshipped, the following division of responsibility belongs to the customer’s part and the costs incurred shall be borne by the customer

a. Any item that is not sold by Veeddy.
b.Any item that has been used by the buyer (except for quality issues) or worn out from normal use.
c.Any unauthorized removal or alteration of product labels or security markings.
d. The quality of the merchandise due to Buyer’s negligence, misuse, abuse, disassembly, collision, accident, alteration or incorrect storage.
e. Failure to ship for Buyer’s personal reasons (e.g., not being at home when the goods arrive, incorrect delivery address, customer changing order information without notifying Veeddy)
f. The buyer does not like it.
g. The product description is not real.
h. Products smell unusual.
i. The buyer ordered the wrong items or SKU.
j. Product difference was negotiated in advance.

3. After-sales problems caused by the quality and style of the goods must be submitted within 7 days after signing the receipt . We need you to provide the order number and the corresponding product pictures or videos to prove the product defects, so that we can deal with it more quickly, returns without receipts may be rejected. Veeddy reserves the right to refuse

4. Force Majeure Exclusion

In no event shall Veeddy be liable to Customer for any damage, destruction, loss, demurrage or non-performance of any kind caused by

a. Fire, war, act of God, power failure, terrorist activity or any natural disaster or unfortunate event.
b. Strikes, lockouts or labor disputes experienced in the country of destination.
c. Any governmental action.

How it work

  • 1.Submit the after-sales order number

    We need you to provide the order number for after-sales support, and check the product details of the order, logistics details, etc.

  • 2.Record customer feedback

    We record all the questions to make sure they are not forgotten.

  • 3.Resend / Refund

    Refund or reissue the order according to the customer’s needs, and follow up to ensure that the reissue/refund is processed.

  • 4.Analysis of after-sales problems

    We will regularly sort out after-sales problems, analyze the products that cause after-sales problems, and take measures to reduce the probability of complaints as much as possible.

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