Branding Services

Provide a variety of creative ways to customize your brand, you can start from the label, packaging, promotional cards, or redesign the product you want.

What customizations do we offer?


Packaging customization

The customer’s repurchase marketing has already begun from the moment the package is received improving the customer’s shopping experience and making them your most loyal customers

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Product customization

Define everything about your product from scratch, make your product unique, and have an edge in the market.

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White label customization

White labeling is one of the easiest ways to start your brand building at the lowest cost. We need to put some thought into the label to make your product stand out.

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Flyers or card customization

Flyers or card customization

Make thank you cards or flyers, and tell your customers what you want to express.

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How we work

  • 1.Tell us what kind of customization you want

    We will give you feasible customized suggestions according to your product situation, sales situation, and your ideas.

  • 2. Determine the plan

    After determining the material and design plan, we will give you the design drawing for you to determine the details.

  • 3. Payment

    We will issue an invoice according to your quantity and materials, and we will arrange the production immediately after your payment. The whole process is simple, safe, and accurate.

  • 4.Send

    After the production is completed, we will confirm with you again and send it to your address.

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