Product Procurement Service

We look for suppliers for the products provided by our customers, collect product data, and find high-quality products after many comparisons.

And evaluate and certify the status of the supplier’s quality system (price, quality, packaging, delivery, cooperation, etc.) to ensure the stability of the supplier

How we work

  • 1.Product selection

    Contact the production factory and consult the product information (from the product itself to the packaging) to determine the details and quality of the product.

  • 2.Review supplier

    Evaluation and certification of the supplier’s quality system status (price, quality, packaging, delivery time, cooperation, etc.) to ensure the supplier’s stability.

  • 3.Product purchase

    Procurement quickly to ensure that there is no delay in delivery, and the delivery of products is monitored throughout the process.

  • 4.Product inspection

    We have a local warehouse, equipped with dedicated personnel to inspect the goods, conduct sample inspections, and strictly control the quality of the goods.